About Oman Autism Society

From Disability to Possibility

A charitable society based in Muscat, established on 10 February 2014 by the Ministerial Decree No. 29/2014, deals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (autism) related issues and helps raise awareness and understanding of autism in the Omani society


Raise the awareness in the community, training the parents, volunteer, and support group who tack care of children with autism. Oman Autism Society provides support for the centers that give services for these children.


Community has a good knowledge about autism. It has the acceptance and support children with autism. The community should understand their rights and needs. The institutions should provide suitable health services, rehabilitation, education, and occupation with high quality.


Children with autism should have all the rights and equity with others. They have also the rights to have a good life. We should think about autism as a gift rather than considered as a problem.

Our Goals:

  1. To contribute in the development and improvement of comprehensive services for children with autism
  2. To establish a database that includes all cases with all levels of autism, all diagnostic centers, and all care and rehabilitation centers for people with autism in Oman
  3. To create a unified national (medical – psychological – educational) protocol of diagnosis that will contribute to the standardization of the procedures and the early detection of Autism Spectrum Disorder cases and to get this protocol approved by the relevant bodies as an aid for the diagnostic institutions in Oman
  4. To help coordinate the efforts of the government, charity and NGO institutions
  5. To raise awareness about autism, its symptoms, diagnosing methods and the diagnostic centers to successfully achieve early detection and early intervention
  6. To hold educational conferences and seminars to raise awareness about autism in the society
  7. To encourage and support studies and researches on the causes of Autism and methods of treatment, care and rehabilitation
  8. To coordinate with various governmental, non-governmental and private sectors to achieve full and balanced integration of people with autism in the society.
  9. To contribute to the provision of vocational rehabilitation programs suitable for people with autism
  10. To encourage governmental and non-governmental organizations to provide job opportunities for people with autism
  11. To provide training programs for families to help them deal with, and care for their child with autism at home