Membership Terms:

  1. Member shall be 18+
  2. Member must be of good conduct, standing and reputation and must not have been convicted of an offence prejudicial to honor or integrity unless rehabilitated
  3. Member shall undertake to respect the OAS regulations
  4. Member shall have the desire to work with OAS to achieve its goals.

Members Duties:

  1. Members shall contribute to all the activities of OAS within their capabilities.
  2. Members shall best represent OAS through integrity and good conduct.
  3. Members shall provide support in the various activities of OAS.
  4. Members shall not harm or attempt to harm OAS in any way.
  5. Members shall adhere to the regulations issued by the General Assembly and the Board of Directors.
  6. Members shall pay the annual contributions determined by the Board Directors and approved by the General Assembly.
  7. Members shall do their best to attract new members through awareness and spreading the objectives OAS.