Within the framework of the training workshop organized by the US Embassy in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and
the Ministry of Social Development carried out from October 10 to 13 at Al Umara’a Hall, which aims to develop the services that help rehabilitate people with autism. A delegation of lecturers from Mai Institute of the United States National Autism Center paid a visit to Oman Autism Society (OAS), where they were welcomed by Dr. Yahya Mohammed Al Farsi, Chairman of the Board. During the visit, OAS explained the services it provides and how it operates as well as presenting the projects that OAS is engaged in to help people with autism and their families.
Dr. Yahya also talked about the society’s experiences, visions, and goals for the betterment of services that support people with autism, and the experiences of success achieved by OAS recently.
The meeting discussed the aspects of cooperation and areas of joint work between the OAS and the National Center for Autism in the United States. It also addressed the importance of benefiting from their experience, especially in the field of education services for people with autism as the delegation’s experiences with autism and their integration into the formal education schools is remarkable. Members of the delegation expressed their admiration for the achievements of OAS and the strategy it uses to achieve a comprehensive community-based services in the field of autism and expressed their willingness to cooperate with the Society through their experience commensurate with the Omani environment.
Dr. Amirah Al Raidan, head of the Ministry of Health’s Mental Health Department, participated in the meeting as well as a number of OAS’s Board of Directors’ members.